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3 years ago

3.0.0 (2021-01-12)

Features (BREAKING)

  • config: reorder configuration precedence (#249) (f4faa92d)

We have reversed the order in which configurations are parsed. This means we
are now following the following precedence (latest configured value is used):

  1. CI Config
  2. COVERALLS_* env vars
  3. .coveralls.yml file
  4. CLI flags

If you have the same fields set in multiple of the above locations, please
double-check them before upgrading to v3.

The motivation for this change is allowing users to selectively fix values
which may be automatically set to the wrong value. For example, Github Actions
users may find that Github Actions expects you to use a different "service name"
in various different cases. Now you can run, for example:

 coveralls --service=github

In places where you need to override the default (which is github-actions).

Bug Fixes

  • github: send null job_id to fix 422 (05b66aa0)
  • api: fixup retries for services without job IDs (6ebdc5e2)

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