pypi conan 2.0.6
2.0.6 (26-May-2023)

2 days ago
  • Feature: Add a tools.cmake:cmake_program configuration item to allow specifying the location of the desired CMake executable. (#13940). Docs: 📃
  • Fix: Output "id" property in graph json output as str instead of int. (#13964). Docs: 📃
  • Fix: Fix custom commands in a layer not able to do a local import. (#13944)
  • Fix: Improve the output of download + unzip. (#13937)
  • Fix: Add missing values to package_manager:mode in conan config install. (#13929)
  • Bugfix: Ensuring the same graph-info JSON output for graph info, create, export-pkg, and install. (#13967). Docs: 📃
  • Bugfix: test_requires were affecting the package_id of consumers as regular requires, but they shouldn't. (#13966)
  • Bugfix: Define source_folder correctly in the json output when -c (#13953)
  • Bugfix: Fixed and completed the graph info xxxx --format json output, to publicly document it. (#13934). Docs: 📃
  • Bugfix: Fix "double" absolute paths in premakedeps. (#13926)
  • Bugfix: Fix regression from 2.0.5 #13898, in which overrides of packages and components specification was failing (#13923)

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