pypi ansible-navigator 2.0.0

latest release: 2.1.0
2 months ago

New features in v2.0.0

  • Added the settings subcommand to review the current settings by @alisonlhart and @thedoubl3j
  • Added the builder subcommand to manage execution environment builds by @ganeshrn
  • Added the exec subcommand to run commands within an execution environment by @cidrblock
  • Added the lint subcommand to lint your playbooks with ansible-lint by @relrod
  • Automatic settings file updating by @cidrblock
  • Added roles to the :collections view by @cidrblock
  • UI updates, better error messages, better help, and LESS SCREAMING by everyone

Major changes to the settings file in v2.0.0

The settings file structure had some big changes leading up to v2.0.0, if everything goes
well, ansible-navigator should update your settings file for you. It's the right thing to do.

Generating a sample settings file is as easy as ansible-navigator settings --sample

  • Added time_zone for playbook artifact creation and logging
  • Moved ansible.inventories to ansible.inventory.paths
  • Moved documentation to ansible.doc
  • Moved help_* out of the settings root
  • Moved playbook to playbook.path
  • Moved pull_policy to pull.policy
  • Switched from 'label' to 'options' for execution environment volume mounts

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • See the pre-releases for minor and bug fixes

The full changelog can be found here:

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