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PyMuPDF-1.24.1 released

latest release: 1.24.2
22 days ago

PyMuPDF-1.24.1 has been released.

Wheels for Windows, Linux and MacOS, and the sdist, are available on and can be installed in the usual way, for example:

python -m pip install --upgrade pymupdf

[Linux-aarch64 wheels will be built and uploaded later.]

Changes in version 1.24.1 (2024-04-02)

  • Fixed issues:

  • Other:

    • Use MuPDF-1.24.1.
    • Support ObjStm Compression.
      Methods, Document.ez_save() and Document.write()
      now support new parameters use_objstm, compression_effortandpreserve_metadata`.

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