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  • Rare overlapping block issue fixed
  • Deduplication bug with counters fixed
  • Receiver is now multi-tenant (multi TSDB)
  • Added @memcached meta and chunk caching. (e.g allows to significantly limit objstore traffic)
  • TSDB isolation added for Ruler and Receive
  • Querier performance significantly improved especially when used with duplicated Store APIs (e.g for HA purposes).

Thanks all for contributing! 🤗


  • #2548 Query: Fixed rare cases of double counter reset accounting when querying rate with deduplication enabled.
  • #2536 S3: Fixed AWS STS endpoint url to https for Web Identity providers on AWS EKS.
  • #2501 Query: Gracefully handle additional fields in SeriesResponse protobuf message that may be added in the future.
  • #2568 Query: Don’t close the connection of strict, static nodes if establishing a connection had succeeded but Info() call failed.
  • #2615 Rule: Fix bugs where rules were out of sync.
  • #2614 Tracing: Disabled Elastic APM Go Agent default tracer on initialization to disable the default metric gatherer.
  • #2525 Query: Fixed logging for dns resolution error in the Query component.
  • #2484 Query/Ruler: Fixed issue #2483, when web.route-prefix is set, it is added twice in HTTP router prefix.
  • #2416 Bucket: Fixed issue #2416 bug in inspect --sort-by doesn’t work correctly in all cases.
  • #2719 Query: irate and resets use now counter downsampling aggregations.
  • #2705 minio-go: Added support for af-south-1 and eu-south-1 regions.
  • #2753 Sidecar, Receive, Rule: Fixed possibility of out of order uploads in error cases. This could potentially cause Compactor to create overlapping blocks.


  • #2012 Receive: Added multi-tenancy support (based on header)
  • #2502 StoreAPI: Added hints field to SeriesResponse. Hints in an opaque data structure that can be used to carry additional information from the store and its content is implementation specific.
  • #2521 Sidecar: Added thanos_sidecar_reloader_reloads_failed_total, thanos_sidecar_reloader_reloads_total, thanos_sidecar_reloader_watch_errors_total, thanos_sidecar_reloader_watch_events_total and thanos_sidecar_reloader_watches metrics.
  • #2412 UI: Added React UI from Prometheus upstream. Currently only accessible from Query component as only /graph endpoint is migrated.
  • #2532 Store: Added hidden option --store.caching-bucket.config=<yaml content> (or --store.caching-bucket.config-file=<file.yaml>) for experimental caching bucket, that can cache chunks into shared memcached. This can speed up querying and reduce number of requests to object storage.
  • #2579 Store: Experimental caching bucket can now cache metadata as well. Config has changed from #2532.
  • #2526 Compact: In case there are no labels left after deduplication via --deduplication.replica-label, assign first replica-label with value deduped.
  • #2621 Receive: Added flag to configure forward request timeout. Receive write will complete request as soon as a quorum of writes succeeds.


  • #2194 Updated to golang v1.14.2.
  • #2505 Store: Removed obsolete thanos_store_node_info metric.
  • 2513 Tools: Moved thanos bucket commands to thanos tools bucket, also
    moved thanos check rules to thanos tools rules-check. thanos tools rules-check also takes rules by --rules repeated flag not argument
  • #2548 Store, Querier: remove duplicated chunks on StoreAPI.
  • #2596 Updated Prometheus dependency to @cd73b3d33e064bbd846fc7a26dc8c313d46af382 which falls in between v2.17.0 and v2.18.0.
    • Receive,Rule: TSDB now supports isolation of append and queries.
    • Receive,Rule: TSDB now holds less WAL files after Head Truncation.
  • #2450 Store: Added Regex-set optimization for label=~"a|b|c" matchers.
  • #2526 Compact: In case there are no labels left after deduplication via --deduplication.replica-label, assign first replica-label with value deduped.
  • 2603 Store/Querier: Significantly optimize cases where StoreAPIs or blocks returns exact overlapping chunks (e.g Store GW and sidecar or brute force Store Gateway HA).
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