packagist symfony/panther v1.1.0
Version 1.1.0

  • Add a PANTHER_DEVTOOLS environment variable to disable the dev tools
  • Add a PANTHER_ERROR_SCREENSHOT_ATTACH environment variable to attach screenshots to PHPUnit reports in the JUnit format
  • Add a chromedriver_arguments option to pass custom arguments to Chromedriver
  • Add an env option to pass custom environment variables to the built-in web server from PantherTestCase
  • Add the possibility to pass options to ChromeManager
  • Automatically find the Chromedriver binary installed by lanfest/binary-chromedriver
  • Symfony 5.3 compatibility
  • Fix assertions that were not working with clients other than PantherClient
  • Fix the ability to keep the window of the browser open when a test fail by using the --debug option
  • Fix the ServerExtension when registerClient() is called multiple times
  • Fix undefined constant errors when using PantherTestCaseTrait directly
latest releases: dev-main, v1.1.1
3 months ago