packagist symfony/panther v0.9.0
Version 0.9.0

  • Breaking Change: ChromeDriver and geckodriver binaries are not included in the archive anymore and must be installed separately, refer to the documentation
  • PHP 8 compatibility
  • Add Client::waitForStaleness() method to wait for an element to be removed from the DOM
  • Add Client::waitForInvisibility() method to wait for an element to be invisible
  • Add Client::waitForElementToContain() method to wait for an element containing the given parameter
  • Add Client::waitForElementToNotContain() method to wait for an element to not contain the given parameter
  • Add PantherTestCase::assertSelectorIsVisible(), PantherTestCase::assertSelectorIsNotVisible(), PantherTestCase::assertSelectorIsEnabled() and PantherTestCase::assertSelectorIsDisabled() assertions
  • Fix baseUri not taken into account when using Symfony HttpBrowser
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9 months ago