packagist symfony/http-kernel v6.0.2

latest releases: 6.1.x-dev, 6.0.x-dev, 5.4.x-dev...
21 months ago

Changelog (v6.0.1...v6.0.2)

  • bug #44838 Fix enum typed bindings (ogizanagi)
  • bug #44826 Do not attempt to register enum arguments in controller service locator (ogizanagi)
  • bug #44809 relax return type for memory data collector (94noni)
  • bug #44618 Fix SessionListener without session in request (shyim)
  • bug #44518 Take php session.cookie settings into account (simonchrz)
  • bug #44649 fix how configuring log-level and status-code by exception works (nicolas-grekas)

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