packagist symfony/http-kernel v6.0.0-BETA1

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23 months ago

Changelog (v5.3.10...v6.0.0-BETA1)

  • feature #42471 Add generic types to traversable implementations (derrabus)
  • feature #43138 Add the ability to enable the profiler using a parameter (dunglas)
  • feature #43411 Deprecate passing null as $requestIp in IpUtils (W0rma)
  • feature #43108 Add basic support for language negotiation (GregoireHebert)
  • feature #42244 Add support for configuring log level, and status code by exception class (lyrixx)
  • feature #42532 Sort services in service locator according to priority (BoShurik)
  • feature #41321 Remove deprecate session service (jderusse)
  • feature #41390 Add session cookie handling in cli context (alexander-schranz, Nyholm)
  • feature #42195 Redesigned the log section (javiereguiluz)
  • feature #42176 Implement psr/log 3 (derrabus)
  • feature #42088 add return types and bump to v3 (nicolas-grekas)
  • feature #41963 remove deprecated features (nicolas-grekas)
  • feature #41282 Bump Symfony 6 to PHP 8 (nicolas-grekas)

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