packagist statamic/cms v3.0.0-beta.29

latest releases: v4.23.2, 4.x-dev, v4.23.1...
3 years ago

What's new

  • A separate password broker is used for account activations to allow you extend their token expiry times. #1879
  • {{ if errors }} may be used outside of specific tag pairs.
  • Added make:action command
  • Added docblocks to facades. Thanks Jonas!

What's improved

  • Translation and UI tweaks for the better

What's fixed

  • A handful of form related issues have been resolved (including the "Forms" feature itself, plus other form tags like user:login_form, etc).
  • Various, miscellaneous, and assorted bug fixes.

What's breaking

  • Removed show_published and show_unpublished collection tag params in favor of status:is="draft".

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