packagist statamic/cms v3.0.0-beta.14

latest releases: 4.x-dev, dev-composer-update, dev-dependabot/composer/tests/Composer/__fixtures__/composer/composer-2.2.22...
3 years ago

What's new

  • Added new collection:newer and collection:older tags. They're so much more intuitively named when compared to previous and next.
  • Went hiking back to V2 Land™ and brought back theforeach tag and a t-shirt.
  • The start page can now be customized by clicking the pin icon and then "Set as Start Page"

What's improved

  • collection:previous and collection:next tags now go in the right direction all of the time instead of just part of the time
  • The Glide tag pair supports looping through multiple assets

What's fixed

  • Tickled a bunch of little bugs until they ran away

What's breaking

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