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9 months ago
  • Feature: Update Browser signature to take optional $connector as first argument and
    to match new Socket API without nullable loop arguments.
    (#418 and #419 by @clue)

    // unchanged
    $browser = new React\Http\Browser();
    // deprecated
    $browser = new React\Http\Browser(null, $connector);
    $browser = new React\Http\Browser($loop, $connector);
    // new
    $browser = new React\Http\Browser($connector);
    $browser = new React\Http\Browser($connector, $loop);
  • Feature: Rename Server to HttpServer to avoid class name collisions and
    to avoid any ambiguities with regards to the new SocketServer API.
    (#417 and #419 by @clue)

    // deprecated
    $server = new React\Http\Server($handler);
    $server->listen(new React\Socket\Server(8080));
    // new
    $http = new React\Http\HttpServer($handler);
    $http->listen(new React\Socket\SocketServer(''));

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