packagist react/http v0.8.1

latest releases: dev-master, v1.6.0, v1.5.0...
4 years ago
  • Major request handler performance improvement. Benchmarks suggest number of
    requests/s improved by more than 50% for common GET requests!
    We now avoid queuing, buffering and wrapping incoming requests in promises
    when we're below limits and instead can directly process common requests.
    (#291, #292, #293, #294 and #296 by @clue)

  • Fix: Fix concurrent invoking next middleware request handlers
    (#293 by @clue)

  • Small code improvements
    (#286 by @seregazhuk)

  • Improve test suite to be less fragile when using ext-event and
    fix test suite forward compatibility with upcoming EventLoop releases
    (#288 and #290 by @clue)

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