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4 years ago
  • Feature / BC break: Use PSR-7 (http-message) standard and
    Request-In-Response-Out-style request handler callback.
    Pass standard PSR-7 ServerRequestInterface and expect any standard
    PSR-7 ResponseInterface in return for the request handler callback.
    (#146 and #152 and #170 by @legionth)

    // old
    $app = function (Request $request, Response $response) {
        $response->writeHead(200, array('Content-Type' => 'text/plain'));
        $response->end("Hello world!\n");
    // new
    $app = function (ServerRequestInterface $request) {
        return new Response(
            array('Content-Type' => 'text/plain'),
            "Hello world!\n"

    A Content-Length header will automatically be included if the size can be
    determined from the response body.
    (#164 by @maciejmrozinski)

    The request handler callback will automatically make sure that responses to
    HEAD requests and certain status codes, such as 204 (No Content), never
    contain a response body.
    (#156 by @clue)

    The intermediary 100 Continue response will automatically be sent if
    demanded by a HTTP/1.1 client.
    (#144 by @legionth)

    The request handler callback can now return a standard Promise if
    processing the request needs some time, such as when querying a database.
    Similarly, the request handler may return a streaming response if the
    response body comes from a ReadableStreamInterface or its size is
    unknown in advance.

    // old
    $app = function (Request $request, Response $response) use ($db) {
        $db->query()->then(function ($result) use ($response) {
            $response->writeHead(200, array('Content-Type' => 'text/plain'));
    // new
    $app = function (ServerRequestInterface $request) use ($db) {
        return $db->query()->then(function ($result) {
            return new Response(
                array('Content-Type' => 'text/plain'),

    Pending promies and response streams will automatically be canceled once the
    client connection closes.
    (#187 and #188 by @clue)

    The ServerRequestInterface contains the full effective request URI,
    server-side parameters, query parameters and parsed cookies values as
    defined in PSR-7.
    (#167 by @clue and #174, #175 and #180 by @legionth)

    $app = function (ServerRequestInterface $request) {
        return new Response(
            array('Content-Type' => 'text/plain'),

    Advanced: Support duplex stream response for Upgrade requests such as
    Upgrade: WebSocket or custom protocols and CONNECT requests
    (#189 and #190 by @clue)

    Note that the request body will currently not be buffered and parsed by
    default, which depending on your particilar use-case, may limit
    interoperability with the PSR-7 (http-message) ecosystem.
    The provided streaming request body interfaces allow you to perform
    buffering and parsing as needed in the request handler callback.
    See also the README and examples for more details.

  • Feature / BC break: Replace request listener with callback function and
    use listen() method to support multiple listening sockets
    (#97 by @legionth and #193 by @clue)

    // old
    $server = new Server($socket);
    $server->on('request', $app);
    // new
    $server = new Server($app);
  • Feature: Support the more advanced HTTP requests, such as
    OPTIONS * HTTP/1.1 (OPTIONS method in asterisk-form),
    GET HTTP/1.1 (plain proxy requests in absolute-form),
    CONNECT HTTP/1.1 (CONNECT proxy requests in authority-form)
    and sanitize Host header value across all requests.
    (#157, #158, #161, #165, #169 and #173 by @clue)

  • Feature: Forward compatibility with Socket v1.0, v0.8, v0.7 and v0.6 and
    forward compatibility with Stream v1.0 and v0.7
    (#154, #163, #183, #184 and #191 by @clue)

  • Feature: Simplify examples to ease getting started and
    add benchmarking example
    (#151 and #162 by @clue)

  • Improve test suite by adding tests for case insensitive chunked transfer
    encoding and ignoring HHVM test failures until Travis tests work again.
    (#150 by @legionth and #185 by @clue)

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