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5 years ago
  • Feature / BC break: Change Request methods to be in line with PSR-7
    (#117 by @clue)

    • Rename getQuery() to getQueryParams()
    • Rename getHttpVersion() to getProtocolVersion()
    • Change getHeaders() to always return an array of string values
      for each header
  • Feature / BC break: Update Socket component to v0.5 and
    add secure HTTPS server support
    (#90 and #119 by @clue)

    // old plaintext HTTP server
    $socket = new React\Socket\Server($loop);
    $socket->listen(8080, '');
    $http = new React\Http\Server($socket);
    // new plaintext HTTP server
    $socket = new React\Socket\Server('', $loop);
    $http = new React\Http\Server($socket);
    // new secure HTTPS server
    $socket = new React\Socket\Server('', $loop);
    $socket = new React\Socket\SecureServer($socket, $loop, array(
        'local_cert' => __DIR__ . '/localhost.pem'
    $http = new React\Http\Server($socket);
  • BC break: Mark internal APIs as internal or private and
    remove unneeded ServerInterface
    (#118 by @clue, #95 by @legionth)

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