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5 years ago
  • Feature: Add request header accessors (à la PSR-7)
    (#103 by @clue)

    // get value of host header
    $host = $request->getHeaderLine('Host');
    // get list of all cookie headers
    $cookies = $request->getHeader('Cookie');
  • Feature: Forward pause() and resume() from Request to underlying connection
    (#110 by @clue)

    // support back-pressure when piping request into slower destination
    // manually pause/resume request
  • Fix: Fix 100-continue to be handled case-insensitive and ignore it for HTTP/1.0.
    Similarly, outgoing response headers are now handled case-insensitive, e.g
    we no longer apply chunked transfer encoding with mixed-case Content-Length.
    (#107 by @clue)

    // now handled case-insensitive
    // now works just like properly-cased header
    $response->writeHead($status, array('content-length' => 0));
  • Fix: Do not emit empty data events and ignore empty writes in order to
    not mess up chunked transfer encoding
    (#108 and #112 by @clue)

  • Lock and test minimum required dependency versions and support PHPUnit v5
    (#113, #115 and #114 by @andig)

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