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Version 0.9.1

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6 years ago

New features

  • Added formatters to make task output more consistent.
  • Added hooks_dir configuration to make it possible to create your own git hooks.
  • Added hooks_preset configuration for a set of pre-defined git hooks.
  • Added Vagrant hooks to run GrumPHP inside your guest.
  • Added support for unstaged files during git commit -a.
  • Added support for RAW diffs in the STDIN of the CLI commands.
  • Added process_timeout configuration for long running GrumPHP tasks.


  • Php-CS-Fixer task runs based on the configured files in run context.
  • Local executables are preferred above globally installed executables.
  • Errers in STDERR are also displayed in the error output.
  • Improve the generation of the paths in the git commit hooks.

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