packagist phpro/grumphp v0.9.0
Version 0.9.0

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6 years ago

New Features

  • Blocking metadata flag
  • Gherkin lint task
  • Gulp task
  • Phing task
  • Ant task
  • Make task
  • Robo task
  • Shell task


  • Added support for grumphp.yml.dist files.
  • Don't force usage of PSR2 in the Phpcs task.
  • Fixed PhpCsFixer task name.

BC breaks

  • Every task has to return a TaskResult!
  • TaskRunner and Tasks should not throw FailureException on task failure anymore.
  • Changed default of ignore_unstaged_changes to false.
  • Codeception fail-fast paramter renamed to fail_fast.

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