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Validated GrumPHP parameters

The new version will validate the structure and content of the GrumPHP parameters.
Therefor you need to move the grumphp parameters out of the regular parameters section.
If you are not using any symfony/dependency-injection parameters, you only need to rename the parameters keyword:

# grumphp.yaml

- parameters:
+ grumphp:

note: If you are using conventions, the parameters used in the conventions still need to remain under parameters. Don't forget to put tasks and other grumphp related configuraiton under grumphp!

note: The parameters bin_dir and git_dir have been removed since v0.16 . It is safe to get rid of those parameters as well. We now use an environment based system to customize paths.

-    bin_dir: "./vendor/bin"
-    git_dir: "."

Removed support for PHP-CS-Fixer v1.

Since PHP-CS-Fixer is out for quite some time and because v3 is in the making, we drop support for version 1.
If you still want to use version 1, you can use an older version of GrumPHP or provide a custom extension for your project.

By default, the phpcsfixer will now load the task for the latest PHP-CS-fixer.
We also provided a phpcsfixer2 alias to make sure existing projects don't break.
However, you can now rename the task inside your configuration:

# grumphp.yaml

-       phpcsfixer2:
+       phpcsfixer:

We added a way of running the PHP-CS-Fixer v1 in parallel to improve execution speed.
However, this code is not needed anymore inside the new version and might be confusing with the actual parallel implementation.
Therefore, we removed following parameters:

# grumphp.yaml

-     process_async_limit: 10
-     process_async_wait: 1000

Bump to Symfony 4.4

In this release, we bump the dependencies up to Symfony 4.4.
This is because the parallel system requires the Advanced console output improvements inside SF 4.1. Since that version is not supported by Symfony anymore, we decided to bump to the version 4 LTS.

If your package still requires older dependencies, you can install the grumphp-shim package which works dependency-less.

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