packagist nelmio/api-doc-bundle 2.9.0
2.9.0 (2015-05-16)

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8 years ago

In this release, there a two major features:

Thanks to all contributors!


  • Added: optimization on the regex
  • Added: DunglasJsonLdApiBundle support
  • Added: Introduce the concept of 'views'
  • Added: javascript for collapsing sections in json-response
  • Added: pass children options to subform
  • Added: form options to ApiDoc input
  • Added: minor tweaks to improve UI
  • Fixed: tests and travis-ci configuration
  • Fixed: documentation
  • Fixed: DunglasApi filters supports
  • Fixed: memory limit issue wirh entity list
  • Fixed: deprecated forms setDefaultOptions method
  • Fixed: enhanced DunglasApiBundle support
  • Fixed: DunglasJsonLdApiBundle support
  • Fixed: binding of on-click handler for json-toggler
  • Fixed: usage of private service-alias
  • Fixed: not attaching api_key to query if empty
  • Fixed: sandbox with host

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