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2.8.0 (2015-03-06)

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8 years ago

What's New?

A lot of fixes have been pushed since 2.7.0, but this release also contains numerous new features such as a great Swagger support, UI/UX improvements, and a few new ways to retrieve useful information.

For more information, please read the changelog below.


  • Added: support for collections
  • Added: allow parsers to remove/replace root parameters
  • Added: support for localstorage
  • Added: support for Security annotation
  • Added: query parameters in sandbox request URL
  • Added: alternate model naming strategy
  • Added: optional color codes for tags annotation
  • Added: show/hide button and list/expand operations buttons on sections
  • Added: nested JMS groups exclusion
  • Added: ability to specify param-type of input class.
  • Added: caching layer with the controllers and routing files as resources
  • Added: Post-parser support for response map models
  • Added: default value handling
  • Added: 'type' to API item if applicable
  • Fixed: type annotations
  • Fixed: PhpDoc Handler for @link annotation and add tests
  • Fixed: display select to choose http method in sandbox
  • Fixed: form errors parser. Mirrored actual form-errors response by FOSRest. Made sure that FieldErrors is not duplicated.
  • Fixed: parsing of filters, default values, descriptions and base path in SwaggerFormatter
  • Fixed: tests by adding separate form type
  • Fixed: disabling required for HTTP PUT requests
  • Fixed: checking HTTP method type
  • Fixed: side effect introduce with list/expand buttons
  • Fixed: collection handling
  • Fixed: improve directive parsing, and separate test class for parsing directives.
  • Fixed: better regex pattern matching and added tests for parsing array<..> directives.
  • Fixed: replace incorrect jQuery.size() method
  • Fixed: honor body format before uploading file type parameters
  • Fixed: #486
  • Fixed: only show request format dropdown when there are multiple formats
  • Fixed: 'items' parameter for collections in parameters
  • Fixed: impossible to access an attribute ("custom_endpoint") on a NULL variable
  • Fixed: missing handling for DataTypes::COLLECTION in parameters (input)
  • Fixed: endpoint is undefined in sandbox when custom_endpoint is disabled
  • Fixed: the wrong endpoint value check when no endpoint is set in config
  • Fixed: Swagger commands

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