packagist nelmio/api-doc-bundle 2.4.0
2.4.0 (2013-11-14)

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9 years ago
  • Added: not blank format validation
  • Added: CONTRIBUTING file
  • Added: support "callback" on Choice Validator
  • Added: support for embedded forms
  • Added: option to set requirements and parameters directly from ApiDoc annotation
  • Added: showing default values in sandbox
  • Added: XML namespace and XSD
  • Added: support for host in sandbox
  • Changed: Composer minimum stability is not 'dev' anymore
  • Changed: Move doc to its own folder
  • Changed: move LICENSE to meta folder
  • Changed: Requirements fields: requirement, dataType and description can be optional
  • Changed: make form and validation extractors optional
  • Fixed: tests + travis-ci config
  • Fixed: set format according to Date, DateTime and Time annotations
  • Fixed: incompatibility with Symfony2 2.1
  • Fixed: keep order of loaders, fixes #265 build
  • Fixed: issue #259

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