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2.13.0 (2016-06-13)

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7 years ago


Here is a new version of this bundle with a few improvements and bug fixes. As I asked on Twitter, I am thinking about slowly deprecating this bundle. That would mean:

  1. Make this bundle "feature-frozen", i.e. only accepting bug fixes, no new features
  2. A year later, declaring End Of Life (EOL), i.e. closing issue tracker.

When I started this project, we needed a simple yet efficient and fast way to document our APIs at Nelmio. Nowadays, this project has become the bundle for documenting APIs in the Symfony world, with more than 3.3 million installs (June 2016). Four years ago, the Swagger project was something we considered a bit but it was not even version 1.0, and we did not choose it for some reasons I cannot even remember. Anyway, now there is Swagger version 2, which is really powerful and nice (and almost a standard).

This bundle does not support Swagger v2 unfortunately, and users started to hack around this bundle and Swagger: I believe it is a wise decision.

I already did a "call for maintainers" a while ago, but it is rather complicated to get someone involved in a project for a reasonable period of time (which I perfectly understand), and I have not been contacted by anyone. On the other hand, I don't personally use this bundle, hence I cannot maintain it anymore.

That is why I am thinking about deprecating this bundle, and encouraging more recent and robust alternatives. Feel free to get in touch with me (or by email using the address on my profile).



  • Added: hide Requirement when not set (cf. #502)
  • Added : headers support
  • Added: enable ApiDocExtractor overriding
  • Added: translation to description
  • Added: request body and curl command to sandbox
  • Fixed: Use OUTPUT_RAW to avoid JS syntax error when dumping HTML API doc (cf. #864)
  • Fixed: documentation
  • Fixed: allow sending empty file data
  • Fixed: allow filter descriptions to be used in conjunction with POST/PUT input descriptions
  • Fixed: JSON unicode in templates

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