packagist monolog/monolog 3.1.0

latest release: dev-main
24 days ago
  • Added $datetime parameter to Logger::addRecord as low level API to allow logging into the past or future (#1682)
  • Added Logger::useLoggingLoopDetection to allow disabling cyclic logging detection in concurrent frameworks (#1681)
  • Fixed handling of fatal errors if callPrevious is disabled in ErrorHandler (#1670)
  • Fixed v2/v3 interop issue by removing the need for a return type in ProcessorInterface (#1680)
  • Marked the reusable Monolog\Test\TestCase class as @internal to make sure PHPStorm does not show it above PHPUnit, you may still use it to test your own handlers/etc though (#1677)
  • Fixed RotatingFileHandler issue when the date format contained slashes (#1671)

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