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one month ago

This is mostly a cleanup release offering stronger type guarantees for integrators with the
array->object/enum changes, but there is no big new feature for end users.

See UPGRADE notes for details on all breaking changes especially if you are extending/implementing Monolog classes/interfaces.

Noteworthy BC Breaks:

  • The minimum supported PHP version is now 8.1.0.
  • Log records have been converted from an array to a Monolog\LogRecord object
    with public (and mostly readonly) properties. e.g. instead of doing
    $record['context'] use $record->context.
    In formatters or handlers if you rather need an array to work with you can use $record->toArray()
    to get back a Monolog 1/2 style record array. This will contain the enum values instead of enum cases
    in the level and level_name keys to be more backwards compatible and use simpler data types.
  • FormatterInterface, HandlerInterface, ProcessorInterface, etc. changed to contain LogRecord $record
    instead of array $record parameter types. If you want to support multiple Monolog versions this should
    be possible by type-hinting nothing, or array|LogRecord if you support PHP 8.0+. You can then code
    against the $record using Monolog 2 style as LogRecord implements ArrayAccess for BC.
    The interfaces do not require a LogRecord return type even where it would be applicable, but if you only
    support Monolog 3 in integration code I would recommend you use LogRecord return types wherever fitting
    to ensure forward compatibility as it may be added in Monolog 4.
  • Log levels are now enums Monolog\Level and Monolog\LevelName
  • Removed deprecated SwiftMailerHandler, migrate to SymfonyMailerHandler instead.
  • ResettableInterface::reset() now requires a void return type.
  • All properties have had types added, which may require you to do so as well if you extended
    a Monolog class and declared the same property.

New deprecations:

  • Logger::DEBUG, Logger::ERROR, etc. are now deprecated in favor of the Monolog\Level enum.
    e.g. instead of Logger::WARNING use Level::Warning if you need to pass the enum case
    to Monolog or one of its handlers, or Level::Warning->value if you need the integer
    value equal to what Logger::WARNING was giving you.
  • Logger::getLevelName() is now deprecated.

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