packagist monolog/monolog 2.4.0

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3 months ago
  • Added Monolog\LogRecord interface that can be used to type-hint records like array|\Monolog\LogRecord $record to be forward compatible with the upcoming Monolog 3 changes
  • Added includeStacktraces constructor params to LineFormatter & JsonFormatter (#1603)
  • Added persistent, timeout, writingTimeout, connectionTimeout, chunkSize constructor params to SocketHandler and derivatives (#1600)
  • Added AsMonologProcessor PHP attribute which can help autowiring / autoconfiguration of processors if frameworks / integrations decide to make use of it. This is useless when used purely with Monolog (#1637)
  • Added support for keeping native BSON types as is in MongoDBFormatter (#1620)
  • Added support for a user_agent key in WebProcessor, disabled by default but you can use it by configuring the $extraFields you want (#1613)
  • Added support for username/userIcon in SlackWebhookHandler (#1617)
  • Added extension points to BrowserConsoleHandler (#1593)
  • Added record message/context/extra info to exceptions thrown when a StreamHandler cannot open its stream to avoid completely losing the data logged (#1630)
  • Fixed error handler signature to accept a null $context which happens with internal PHP errors (#1614)
  • Fixed a few setter methods not returning self (#1609)
  • Fixed handling of records going over the max Telegram message length (#1616)

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