packagist livewire/livewire v2.4.4

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2 years ago


  • Add assertFileDownloaded test helper #2780
  • Add layoutData method (view(...)->layoutData(['title' => '...'])) for setting layout data without having to explicitly specify the layout view #2736
  • Support using class names with assertSeeLivewire #2754
  • Support dynamic livewire components (<livewire:is :component="$componentName") #2502
  • Allow wire:key instead of :key on nested livewire components inside a loop (<livewire:nested-component :wire:key="$foo") de8021b


  • Prevent creating components with reserved PHP keywords #2756
  • wire:poll.visible should poll if ANY part of the element is visible, not only if ALL of the element is visible #2730

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