packagist livewire/livewire v2.4.3

latest releases: dev-main, dev-add-listener-removal, dev-add-security-docs...
2 years ago


  • Make the test stub file publishable #2704
  • Add wire:poll.visible to disable polling when element is not visible in the viewport #2560
  • Add Livewire::getComponentAliases() public accessor #2634
  • Change Livewire to allow it to run in sessionless Laravel applications #2725


  • Avoid exception for unsupported HTTP methods #2680
  • Fix support for history sync with optional route parameters #2709
  • Morphdom Upstream Fix: Remove onNodeAdded event call when matched keyed node moved to new parent #2580
  • Fix using class component based layouts for Livewire layouts #2499

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