packagist livewire/livewire v2.4.0

latest releases: dev-main, dev-add-listener-removal, dev-add-security-docs...
2 years ago


  • Add --test flag to make command #2528
  • Support ->queryString() method in addition to $queryString property #2514
  • Add ->assertCount() to tests #2495


  • Require Facade\Ignition\IgnitionServiceProvider as a string instead of using ::class #2543
  • Fix a race condition when Livewire uploads is used on busy websites #2492
  • Remove debug related data from <livewire:scripts /> output when in production environment #2476
  • Only clear session flash data on subsequent Livewire requests (dehydrate hook) - closes #2294 #2436
  • Fix Alpine event listeners registering twice - closes #763 #2434
  • Restore eloquent collection property relationships when re-hydrating on subsequent requests #2386

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