packagist livewire/livewire v2.3.2

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3 years ago


  • Make pagination views publishable with artisan livewire:publish --pagination #1942
  • Add Livewire::withQueryParams([])->test(...); method for adding query parameters to tests $1940
  • Ability to fill component arrays or model properties with $this->fill() #1941
  • Add wire:loading display modifiers (wire:loading.flex, wire:loading.grid) #1935
  • Add devtools support when debug mode is enabled #1864


  • Fix @entangle.defer bug #1947
  • Fix issue where re-uploading the same file doesn't work #1939
  • Respect existing history state (APPEND instead of OVERWRITE Livewire's history state data) #1943
  • Allow @entangle watchers to be scoped to data key so you can mix data updates in a single request #1894
  • Fix: ES6 syntax preventing further JS execution for IE11 #1922
  • Fix uksort() issue with arrays of greater than 16 items #1859
  • Support lifecycle hooks from multiple traits #1873
  • Fixed pagination overflow of available page range #1896
  • Fix: object.entries and object.values not being polyfilled for IE11 #1907

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