packagist livewire/livewire v2.3.0

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3 years ago


  • You can now bind directly to eloquent collection attributes: wire:model="users.0.title" #1822
  • New assertViewIs('livewire.some-view-name) helper #1735
  • Traits now support hooking into the lifecycle with class name suffix (mountSomeTraitName(), etc...) de533eb
  • Support Stringable properties in Livewire. (automatically hydrate and dehydrate them as those types) #1777
  • Add $validationAttributes protected property to set custom attributes for component-level validation 95f9e7a


  • Model ID binding URL updates weren't working without $queryString property #1645
  • Livewire now runs ->toArray() on model data before serialization, this way model casters will work #1665
  • Fix conditionally loaded nested Alpine components that use $wire or @entangle e69d9d2
  • Can now validate collection properties as arrays with the $rules property 9867969
  • Allow ->assertHasErrors on custom validators 8788a33
  • Allow NOT setting typed properties right away 0ac072a
  • Fixed emitTo #1736
  • Fix autofill for wire:model.lazy in Safari
  • Look for vendor/livewire/manifest.json specifically to detect if Livewire should used the published assets (instead of just checking for the vendor/livewire folder) #1746
  • Fix history state pops for requests that had no update at all 73a790b
  • If the backend request redirected, do it IMMEDIATELY so that @entangle doesn't handle the data change 1d68dda
  • Improve handling for a non-existent property when using assertSet #1773
  • assertSet('function_name') was breaking because it used is_callable() under the hood and PHP is odd #1802
  • Prevent unwanted sub-directories during file upload because base_64 encoded strings can include "/" sometimes #1809
  • Fix issue where errors set using ->addError() weren't being picked up by ->assertHasErrors() 0674d4c

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