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3 years ago


Note: This release is a historyState overhaul that should settle some of the unpredictability of the $queryString system. Damn this stuff is dark.

  • pushState wasn't keeping track of "non-queryString" properties as the changed which would cause old data to be returned on the back button #1594
  • pushState wasn't storing HTML in the response for playback EVERY time, only when it actually existed in the original response, causing stale HTML issues when replaying responses. #1594
  • pushState was throwing errors if the "origins" didn't match (http -> https) -> Livewire now does nothing to the origin and scheme of the URL, only the path and query string #1594
  • pushState was failing in Firefox when trying to store more than 640kb in the historyState, now we store those items. in sessionStorage if it fails #1594
  • sessionStorage has a cap of 5mb itself, when we exhaust that limit, we now have a strategy for cleaning up old Livewire entries until there is enough space to occupy #1594

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