packagist livewire/livewire v2.2.2

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3 years ago


  • wire:poll.keep-alive will now make sure polls don't slow down when the user switches browser tabs #1545


  • ->validateOnly() wasn't honoring the new $messages property #1568
  • Text in the tailwind pagination view was getting removed because of morphdom #1562
  • Livewire.rescan() will now use wire:initial-data in the querySelector instead of wire:id to prevent trying to reinitialize components that have already been initialized #1560
  • When a project is served on a sub-path and Livewire can't match it's route for pushState parameter binding, stop throwing an error #1544 & 21c9c32
  • When nested array property values were being "unset" their inputs weren't being updated properly 1cb6e76
  • Fix bootstrap pagination view #1577
  • Fix all sorts of pushState issues by doing an almost rebuild of the historyState system 002c0b9

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