packagist livewire/livewire v2.2.0

latest releases: dev-main, dev-add-isolate, dev-rewrite-request-commit-system...
3 years ago


  • New protected property for setting validation messages on your component: protected $messages #1518
  • Support nested properties when using @entangle('') 5f9e94a
  • New optional parameter for Livewire.rescan() -> Livewire.rescan(node) (Specify the node you'd like to run the scan on) #1534


  • Data inputs weren't being "refreshed" when the back button was used with $queryString updates #1531
  • Public model properties couldn't be "unset". Fixed 55bc81c
  • Fix (because the space key is special) #1517
  • Support arrays properly in $queryString #1513
  • Allow upload of mp3 files #1359

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