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3 years ago


  • New assertDontSeeLivewire() testing utility, which ensures that a component is not present on a page. #1141
  • Better handling of session expiries. By default, a confirm() message asks the user if they would like to refresh the page. You are able to override this behaviour using the new livewire.onError() method. #1146
  • Dot notation support for accessing properties with @this.get(). #1151
  • Nonce support for the @livewireScripts Blade directive, for sites that use content security policies. Eg: @livewireScripts(['nonce' => 'some-nonce-here']) #1156
  • TestableLivewire is now macroable, to support custom assertions. #1202


  • Removing the first item in an array of temporary file uploads now ensures correct serialisation. #1119
  • Improved Eloquent collection hydration support that better retains the order of items. #1099 and #1137
  • S3 file uploads now respect root directory configuration. #1152
  • Replaced use of response()->noContent() with response()->make() for better Laravel 5.6 support. #1153
  • Forms that are auto-disabled during AJAX requests are now re-enabled if the request results in an error. #1166
  • Before, conditionally loaded <script> tags only evaluated when a component already existed on a page. Now <script> tags that are placed in the root of a child component are evaluated when that child component is toggled on. #1179
  • AutoFill_FillEvent was populating pre-Chromium Microsoft Edge inputs whilst autofilling. This has now been fixed. #1180
  • Changed temporary upload size delimiter from : to = to allow tests to pass on Windows machines. #1190
  • Fixed an issue with dependent <select>s being inconsistently reset. #1192
  • A component's locale is now persisted past its initial render, through all future AJAX requests. #1197

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