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3 years ago


  • wire:model now works with <input type="file"> (AND LOTS OF OTHER RELATED THINGS): Check out the documentation for more information:
  • Added test method: $this->assertNotEmitted($eventName) #927
  • Added component method: $this->only(['foo', 'bar']) (Will return an array with keys foo and bar, and their respective values from the component data - meant to be an equivalent to request()->only()) #939
  • A new exception is thrown if a component doesn't have a root element #946
  • $this->reset() now accepts an array of arguments instead of just a params list: $this->reset(['foo, 'bar']) #947
  • Full JS expressions are now supported in wire:X action directives. Ex: wire:click="submit(new Array('An', 'expression').join(' ')) #999


  • Testing method "emit" was not honoring more than ONE parameter. Fixed now: $this->emit($eventName, 'param1', 'param2') #961
  • <input type="checkbox" wire:model="foo" value="bar"> - before, when the checkbox was checked, the value of "$foo" would be true, now it's bar. (Only IF a value attribute is present will the checkbox being checked yield the value, otherwise, it will yield a boolean.) #969
  • Avoid Livewire testing route colliding with existing wildcard routes #980
  • Livewire's automatic dependency injection for component methods is now fixed: It works with spread operators for params, it supports parameter defaults, and it doesn't act weird with method parameters named after things bound in Laravel's container #997
  • updating and updated hooks were NOT running before updating properties with magic $set or $toggle. This has been fixed. #1009
  • Fix detection for Livewire being run in a Vapor environment #1051

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