packagist livewire/livewire v1.1.0

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3 years ago


  • Added ->assertSeeHtml() and ->assertDontSeeHtml() testing methods to make assertions on DOM without escaping the contents of the expectation #912
  • Now, <script> tags conditionally shown with Blade are evaluated on the front-end if not included with the initial page load


  • Updating multiple input elements with wire:model using autocomplete would only sync the last input's value - now all are synced with the component (e10b7fd)
  • wire:loading.class="" (empty string value) was throwing an error, now it does nothing #886
  • $this->validateOnly() with nested validation rules (foo.*.bar) wasn't working #894
  • If wire:poll was conditionally added/removed from a non-root element it wasn't working properly. Now all wire:poll conditional bugs should be fixed
  • ->assertHasNoErrors(['something' => 'required]) was not working properly if NO errors were thrown at all. (11d2c88)

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