packagist livewire/livewire v1.0.4

latest releases: dev-feat/l11, v3.2.5, dev-main...
3 years ago


  • Livewire::test() and Livewire::component facade docblocks for IDE fu #703
  • Support snake_cased component names in make command: artisan make:foo_bar #706


  • <select>, <textarea>s, radios, and checkbox elements will now be "disabled" during a form submission (<input> elements already were) #695
  • Set default livewire.asset_url configuration to be url('/'), so sub-directory Laravel apps work out of the box #702
  • Support passing empty string literals to components with tag syntax: <livewire:foo bar=""> #709
  • Fix $errors shared view global not being available inside Livewire components or nested blade components #710
  • <textarea> elements should no longer get "whiped" when some part of the element changes. #717

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