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3 years ago


  • Added new ->fill() method in Livewire's testing API: Livewire::test(...)->fill(['foo' => 'bar', 'baz' => 'bob']); (A way to "bulk set" data in a component) #847
  • Added a new ->clearValidation() method (alias to ->resetValidation()) #847
  • Support for typed public properties in PHP >= 7.4 (not for eloquent models though) #785
  • An exception is now thrown if you are passing params into a component and there is no mount() method present. #829


  • components with wire:poll on their root when removed will also remove the polling #846
  • AuthorizationException being thrown from a mount() or render() method weren't being "handled" properly (403 allowed to bubble to the exception handler). Fixed now #843
  • Removed typecast from $this->assertSee()first parameter. #790
  • Fix key event listeners with a denounce applied: wire:keyup.debounce and wire:keydown.shift.debounce #803
  • Remove left over /? in the query string if Livewire leaves it empty #809
  • Fix ->assertHasErrors when asserting against multi-word validation rules like alpha_dash and ends_with #819
  • Don't tie WithPaginations pagination view to the configured livewire views path #820
  • IE11 is weird with CustomEvents being listened to from wire:event, fixed now #838

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