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Upgrade Guide

  • Livewire's before/afterDomUpdate hook has been conformed to the new standard for registering hooks.
// Before
window.livewire.beforeDomUpdate(() => {})
window.livewire.afterDomUpdate(() => {})

// After
window.livewire.hook('beforeDomUpdate', ({ html }) => {})
window.livewire.hook('afterDomUpdate', () => {})

Release Notes


  • Allow "single-value" event listeners:
    protected $listeners = ['open' => 'open']; can now be shortened to: protected $listeners = ['open'];
  • Ability to update the query string from public property data changes:
class Foo extends Component
    public $foo = 'bar';

    // This makes it so that ?foo=X will be updated in the query string everything the property value changes.
    protected $updatesQueryString = ['foo'];

    public function mount()
        // You can easily set the initial value of a property from the query string like you would in a controller.
        $this->foo = request()->query('foo', $this->foo);


  • livewire.beforeDomUpdate(callback) ->livewire.hook('beforeDomUpdate', callback)
  • livewire.afterDomUpdate(callback) ->livewire.hook('afterDomUpdate', callback)


  • Fix broken IE 11 support by adding missing polyfills #529
  • Fix compatibility with PHP 7.1 #525
  • Prevent creating Livewire components with reserved PHP class names like Parent::class #531
  • Fixed matrix CI build && Add support for Laravel 7.x #536

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