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4 years ago

I'm upping the version to 0.3 because there is a pretty massive feature added to the framework: Backend Caching.

Backend caching will allow Livewire components to store state on the server. This will allow for reduced payload sizes, easily storing eloquent models and collections as state, and a bunch more.

Protected properties will automatically be "dehydrated" into the backend cache (using the default driver). You can also use the following new method to manipulate the cache:

// Will get "key" from the cache
// Will set "key" to "value" in the cache
$this->cache('key', 'value')
// Will get "key" from the cache with a default of "value"
$this->cache()->get('key', 'value')
// Will set "key" to value in the cache
$this->cache()->put('key', 'value')

Each Livewire component will have its own cache item (if utilizing caching). And these will be garbage collected using localStorage as a garbage tracker.

This is a big shift. And a powerful one. It's the final piece of the puzzle for me.

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