packagist livewire/livewire v0.1.2

latest releases: dev-feat/l11, v3.2.5, dev-main...
4 years ago


  • Component methods (actions) now have automatic dependency injection (like mount())
  • Livewire::test('foo')->set() method now accepts an array of data to set on the component
  • You can also now "set" data on the testing component with the magic __set() method
  • dd() output is now shown in a modal (similar to laravel errors)


  • artisan route:cache now caches Livewire endpoints (messaging endpoint, livewire.js, and keep-alive)
  • ->assertSee won't include output from wire:data (which causes false positives)
  • wire:model now casts integers to strings before setting <select> elements (before this was broken)

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