packagist laravel-shift/blueprint v1.6.0

Another massive release as Blueprint received so many pull requests after the demo on Laracasts.


  • Set password and remember_token in hidden model attributes.
  • Use new id() column in migration for Laravel 7 applications.
  • Support for a uuid primary key shorthand in model definitions.
  • Separate resource: api code generation specifically for API actions.
  • Support for belongsToMany model relationships.
  • New resource statement to generate API Resource.
  • Automatic generation of pivot table migration when defining belongsToMany relationships.
  • Optionally generate DocBlock for model relationship methods for IDE resolution.

For a full list of the changes, you may review the diff between releases.

latest releases: dev-master, dev-l8, dev-nathane-refactor/cleanup-tests...
5 months ago