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14 months ago
  • Fix for realText to ensure the text keeps closer to its boundaries (#152)

  • Fix where regexify produces a random character instead of a literal dot (#135

  • Deprecate zh_TW methods that only call base methods (#122)

  • Add used extensions to composer.json as suggestion (#120)

  • Moved TCNo and INN from calculator to localized providers (#108)

  • Fix regex dot/backslash issue where a dot is replaced with a backslash as escape character (#206)

  • Deprecate direct property access (#164)

  • Added test to assert unique() behaviour (#233)

  • Added RUC for the es_PE locale (#244)

  • Test IBAN formats for Latin America (AR/PE/VE) (#260)

  • Added VAT number for en_GB (#255)

  • Added new districts for the ne_NP locale (#258)

  • Fix for U.S. Area Code Generation (#261)

  • Fix in numerify where a better random numeric value is guaranteed (#256)

  • Fix e164PhoneNumber to only generate valid phone numbers with valid country codes (#264)

  • Extract fixtures into separate classes (#234)

  • Remove french domains that no longer exists (#277)

  • Fix error that occurs when getting a polish title (#279)

  • Use valid area codes for North America E164 phone numbers (#280)

  • Adding support for extensions and PSR-11 (#154)

  • Adding trait for GeneratorAwareExtension (#165)

  • Added helper class for extension (#162)

  • Added blood extension to core (#232)

  • Added barcode extension to core (#252)

  • Added number extension (#257)

  • Various code style updates

  • Added a note about our breaking change promise (#273)

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