packagist deployer/deployer v6.4.4
Deployer 6.4.4


  • Added git_clone_dissociate option, defaults to true; when set to false git-clone doesn't dissociate the eventual reference repository after clone, useful when using git-lfs [#1820]
  • Added writable_recursive option (default: true) used in all writable modes (chmod, chown, chgrp, acl) [#1822]
  • Added artisan:optimize:clear task for Laravel 5.7 and above


  • Add lock and unlock task to flow_framework receipe
  • Updated artisan:optimize to run for Laravel 5.7 and above, since it got added back last year. It still doesn't run for 5.5 and below.
  • View:clear command to a new view:cache command


  • Fix rsync upload honor become option for host [#1796]
  • Fixed bug to execute ssh command on windows [#1775]
  • Fix when recipe/deploy/writable.php resolves as one of http users.
  • Fix deployer detects wrong version [#1842]


  • Deploy:vendors from the wordpress recipe
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