packagist deployer/deployer v6.4.0
Deployer 6.4.0


  • Support to define remote shell path via host-config [#1708] [#1709] [#1709]
  • Added horizon:terminate to the Laravel recipe
  • Added migrations_config option to the Symfony recipes to specify Doctrine migration configuration to use
  • Added recipe for sulu 2.0 [#1758]
  • Added recipe for sulu 1.x and improve sulu 2.0 recipe [#1764]
  • Added become option for rsync upload


  • Laravel recipe should not run artisan:cache:clear in deploy task
  • Pass-through the quiet mode into the git commands for updating code
  • deploy:writable will no longer be able to automatically detect http_user if there are multiple candidates for the role [#1778]


  • Fixed Range expansion when hosts.yml is loaded. [#1671]
  • Fixed usage (only if present) of deploy_path config setting. [#1677]
  • Fixed adding custom headers causes Httpie default header override.
  • Fixed Laravel laravel_version failure
  • Fixed parser errors by adding the trim function to the changelog parser tokens
  • Fixed arguments for rsync to be properly escaped
  • Prevent multiple execution of task()->once() with --parallel and --limit option [#1419]
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