packagist darsyn/ip 4.1.0

latest release: dev-develop
21 months ago
  • Added IpInterface::equals() method for comparing two IP addresses.
  • Added getCommonCidr(IpInterface $ip): int for determining how in range two
    IP addresses are according to their common CIDR value.
  • Added isBenchmarking(), isDocumentation(), and isPublicUse() type
    methods for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
  • Added isBroadcast(), isShared(), and isFutureReserved() type methods for
    IPv4 addresses.
  • Added getMulticastScope(), isUniqueLocal(), isUnicast(), and
    isUnicastGlobal() type methods for IPv6 addresses.
  • Added Ipv6::fromEmbedded() factory method to create an instance of an
    IPv4-embedded address as IPv6 instead of Multi.
  • Made internal helper methods for dealing with binary data into utility
    classes: Darsyn\IP\Util\Binary and Darsyn\IP\Util\MbString.
  • Complete documentation overhaul
  • Increase test coverage.
  • Started using static analysis both locally and via GitHub actions.
  • Documentation and tests are excluded from the Git archive to reduce download
    size when installing Composer dependency as dist.
  • Updated Code of Conduct to Contributor Covenant v2.1

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