packagist craftcms/cms 5.0.1

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21 days ago
  • Fixed a “Double-instantiating a checkbox select on an element” JavaScript warning. (#14707)
  • Fixed a bug where craft\cache\DbCache was attempting to store values beyond the column’s storage capacity.
  • Fixed a bug where the Updates utility could include submit buttons without labels for abandoned plugins.
  • Fixed a bug where “Admin” rules were available to user conditions in Solo and Team editions.
  • Fixed a bug where entries’ “View in a new tab” breadcrumb actions were linking to the canonical entry URL when editing a draft or viewing a revision. (#14705)
  • Fixed a bug where Matrix blocks without labels had extra spacing above them in Live Preview. (#14703)
  • Fixed an error that occurred if the collation database connection setting was set to utf8_* on MySQL. (#14332)
  • Fixed a bug where element cards could overflow their containers within Live Preview. (#14710)
  • Fixed a bug where links within the Queue Manager utility weren’t styled like links. (#14716)
  • Fixed a bug where tooltips within element labels caused the element title to be read twice by screen readers.
  • Fixed a styling issue when editing an entry without any meta fields. (#14721)
  • Fixed a bug where the _includes/nav.twig template wasn’t marking nested nav items as selected. (#14735)
  • Fixed issues with menu options’ hover styles.
  • Fixed a bug where double-clicking on an element’s linked label or action button would cause its slideout to open, in addition to the link/button being activated. (#14736)
  • Fixed a bug where system icons whose names ended in numbers weren’t displaying. (#14740)
  • Fixed an error that could occur when creating a passkey. (#14745)
  • Fixed a bug where the “Utilities” global nav item could get two badge counts.
  • Fixed a bug where custom fields whose previous types were missing would lose their values when updating to Craft 5.
  • Fixed a bug where Dropdown fields could be marked as invalid on save, if the saved value was invalid and they were initially marked as changed (to the default value) on page load. (#14738)
  • Fixed a bug where double-clicking on an element’s label within an element selection modal wasn’t selecting the element. (#14751)

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