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11 months ago

Alternative to custom installers with Composer 2.1+

As of Composer 2.1, the Composer\InstalledVersions class has a
method which can let you figure out at runtime which plugins/modules/extensions are installed.

It is highly recommended to use that instead of building new custom
installers if you are building a new application. This has the advantage of leaving
all vendor code in the vendor directory, and not requiring custom installer code.



  • Type declarations have been added everywhere to support PHPStan level 8 (#491)
  • Added installer for Pantheon Quicksilver modules/scripts #492.
  • Added installer for Akaunting modules #489.


  • Minimum supported PHP version is now 7.2 (#491)
  • Installer::getInstallPath() now returns absolute paths instead of relative ones previously (#307)


  • Removed support for Kirby
  • Removed support for Symfony1
  • Removed support for Joomla
  • Removed support for TYPO3 CMS
  • Removed support for Craft
  • Removed support for Pimcore
  • Removed support for TYPO3 Flow

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