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4 years ago

A major compatibility release to update this package to support all latest
ReactPHP components!

This update involves a minor BC break due to dropped support for legacy
versions. We've tried hard to avoid BC breaks where possible and minimize impact
otherwise. We expect that most consumers of this package will actually not be
affected by any BC breaks, see below for more details.

  • BC break: Remove all deprecated APIs, default to redis:// URI scheme
    and drop legacy SocketClient in favor of new Socket component.
    (#61 by @clue)

    All of this affects the Factory only, which is mostly considered
    "advanced usage". If you're affected by this BC break, then it's
    recommended to first update to the intermediary v1.2.0 release, which
    allows you to use the redis:// URI scheme and a standard
    ConnectorInterface and then update to this version without causing a
    BC break.

  • BC break: Remove uneeded data event and support for advanced MONITOR
    command for performance and consistency reasons and
    remove underdocumented isBusy() method.
    (#62, #63 and #64 by @clue)

  • Feature: Forward compatibility with upcoming Socket v1.0 and v0.8 and EventLoop v1.0 and Evenement v3
    (#65 by @clue)

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